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Need Content? I’m Your Girl!

Published on April 28, 2012, by in Home.
ABOUT ME: Sharon 
Are you looking for a content writer that can create first-class copy, on-time every time?
If you answered yes, then you are in luck.  I am a freelancer that lives in Melbourne, Australia.

I work for a number of different clients, way too many to name them all but here are a couple to give you a taste of what I do AustralianWebMarketers, JMDEntertainment. Ausmint, The Performance Clinic, Taylors Real Estate, TradiePad, and High Tea With Mrs. Woo.

I also write content on a HUGE range of different topics and niches.  How?  Because I love research, and all my content is backed by extensive and thorough research.  If you would like a sample or quote of my work, then what are you waiting for – – Hook Me UP! I’m always available. Give me an email at sharon@sharonit.net or connect with me on my various social networking pages.
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Frozen Shoulder & Dislocated Shoulder: Is Surgery Needed?

Published on July 18, 2012, by in Health, work.

Sports injuries, those primarily caused by playing and participating in sports such as football, hockey or martial arts, are very common. These sports are constantly causing bones and muscles to be pushed to the limits, stressing and pulling with every game or practice. It is not uncommon to hear a story of a Quarterback with a torn rotator cuff or a wrestler with a dislocated shoulder.

Sporting injuries occur all to often, with many different types of injuries that can occur.  Many of those involve the shoulders. Two of the possible shoulder injuries that can result are frozen shoulder and a dislocated shoulder.


Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is such a condition. Someone experiencing frozen shoulder knows just how painful the condition is, causing the inability to use the shoulder joints. Frozen shoulder is the result of arthritis, tendinitis and bursitis, and the longer that it persists, the harder it is to treat. Physical therapy is often used to treat frozen shoulder, along with medications given to control the pain. Treatment of frozen shoulder is continuous in order to find the patient the most relief. Treating the condition quickly is important, as not only it is extremely painful, it can cause permanent disability.


Dislocated Shoulder

A dislocated shoulder is another common sports injury. This condition occurs when the bone in the shoulder is dislodged from its normal point in the joint, Torn ligaments are also associated with a dislocated shoulder, both of which can be very painful. Treating a dislocated shoulder is something some try to do on their own, “slipping” their should back into place. This is never recommended, and a visit to the doctor is always required to find the best treatment. Many times a dislocated shoulder will require surgery.

More times than not a dislocated shoulder will require surgery for it to completely repair. Some people may attempt to deal with the discomforts of a dislocated shoulder without assistance from a doctor, yet usually are overcome and proceed toward treatment. A physician can help find the right treatment for your needs, as well as offer medications to help ease the pain. It may be possible to “slip” the shoulder back into place; but it is not recommended. Visiting the doctor is always the best solution to begin treating your shoulder injury.


More Shoulder Injuries can Occur

These are only two of the numerous shoulder injuries that you can sustain as the result of a sports injury (or other condition.) If you are older and played sports in your younger days, it is possible those injuries are just now catching up to you, as these are often known to do.

Despite the pain and troubles these injuries cause, it is an assurance in knowing that the many treatments, including surgery, can help prevent it from being a lifetime problem.

If you have a sports injury, the first thing to do is pay the physician a visit to discuss the possible treatment options you have. Together with the physician the best treatment can be attained and you can once again begin enjoying life without the pain of a shoulder sports injury.

Article by Sharon Freeman who is a freelancer who writes about health, nutrition and injury prevention.


Real Estate Online

Published on June 27, 2012, by in Real Estate.

How is it possible for a real estate unit advertised for lease, rent or sale to the whole wide world? The web has made it possible for small personal items such as clothing, jewellery, shoes, laptops and PCs to be bought and sold online. Because there is no limit to what you can post for sale on the internet, you can sell even your old car or computer there. And believe it or not, even items as large as radio broadcast transmitters can be advertised and sold online. But of course, shipping costs have to be considered.

Okay. So, all tangible products can be sold over the internet, large or small. Now, how about selling real estate online? Isn’t it impossible to sell and ship real properties online? Motorhomes may be sold cyber-wise even it costs a fortune to ship them. Why are they advertised online, anyway?

Once launched, an advertisement becomes instantly accessible and available to surfers all over the world. If you have a good property complex in Randwick, NSW in Australia you are offering for lease, rent or sale for instance, it would be easy from someone due for transfer of job/office assignment or residence from Perth at the other side of the Australian continent to the area, to spot the ad from an online business website. It would facilitate consummation of the business transaction in a win-win conclusion. How else can such transfer of assignment or residence be made easy and possible without the amazing internet?

Written by Sharon Freeman, content about real estate, looking after your property & investing.


Shopping For Fashion Online – Why It’s So Popular

Published on June 7, 2012, by in Fashion, work.
One of the biggest trends in the world of fashion is the increasing popularity of online shopping portals. There was a time when it was unthinkable that fashion houses would even consider selling their creations online. However, the market is such that almost all of these companies have ready to wear lines and these lines are actively marketed on the internet. People prefer to buy all sorts of things on the internet; beautiful clothes and accessories are no different. It is convenient and cheap to buy things on the internet, hence its popularity.

These days it is possible to find a whole lot of websites and blogs devoted to the subject of fashionable apparel and accessories. This goes very well with the young buyer’s desire to create her own style instead of being pressured to follow trends blindly. A fashionista these days can use the internet to pick and choose from everything that is fashionable and makes a look that is completely her own. Companies have wised up to this and also use social media to promote their products.

The huge discounts that online retailers give are another reason for the popularity of internet sales. Retailers find it easy to give discounts on online sales since they don’t have to open many outlets or hire lots of people to work in them. People can dress very stylishly without really having to break the bank. This is a very big factor these days given that the economy has not yet recovered fully.

Article by Sharon Freeman for Tluxe Fashion Clothing


Wedding Bands – Make your Wedding a Complete Entertainment Package

Published on June 1, 2012, by in Weddings, work.

Take your thoughts back to the last wedding you attended. What do you think that stood prompt from the others and you enjoyed the most. Undoubtedly it will be the wedding bands as it is one of the most entertaining parts of the nuptials these days. There are many who still think about including one in their wedding. This is because music is the key to success of any event and when it comes to wedding without melody nothing seems to be perfect.

Apart from these, DJ is also becoming popular side by side in every wedding. To make the entire function a mere success, it is important to get the right entertainer who can do the job perfectly. There are several websites to help you find the ideal music band to entertain you and the guests for the wedding. It is important to get to know the history of the group you select and if possible listen to some of the popular songs so that you can be on the safer side.

Well, you can get enough reference from your friends and family to get the perfect match for your nuptials to add an extra touch of entertainment. To make things easier, you can fix upon the same band that performed in your favourite wedding.  You can fix talks and discussions with them much before the event so that everything turns out to be good an easy at the same time. Never approach at the last minute as things can take an ugly twist if you don’t fix those months before the day.

article by Sharon Freeman

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Jewellery Repairs – Be a Little Careful in Preserving Your Stones for a Lifetime

Published on May 23, 2012, by in Jewellery, work.
Like all other materials, even the precious metals including silver, gold and platinum also tend to become brittle and gets damaged or worn after a few years. This greatly depends upon the duration of usage. Hence it is very important to check for any issues as it can either be an open claw or difference in the setting. This can be one among the reasons for losing your stone. By checking your jewellery every few years with the help of a goldsmith you can be successful in preserving your stone for a lifetime.Jewellery repair is a skill and only the experts can do it clearly with perfection. Flaws can lead to damaging the entire design and beauty. Some stones like Emeralds and Opals and metals like platinum are hard to work when compared to gold. There are chances of breakage if the correct amount of heat and pressure is not applied.

In case of age old jewellery, extra care is a must as it tends to break off easily. In case of replacing the stone, it is important to make sure that the exact stone with the perfect fit is used so that it does not loosen up on usage. All these can be carried upon only by a skilled artisan and if you try doing it all yourself the end result might not be as good as you think about it. You might try to save a few pennies by DIY methods but will end up in a big disaster! So, check out for the best goldsmith in your area and get the work done.

Article by Sharon Freeman for CelesteJewellery


Carpet Cleaning – Opt for Professional Help or DIY?

Published on May 7, 2012, by in Cleaning, work.
Carpet cleaning is a daily job that is done on a routine basis to keep the environment and your floors neat and hygienic. You wipe away stains or dirt on your carpet immediately you see it to maintain the new look and to keep it clean. The biggest of all burdens is when you feel you need a professional or steam cleaning done for your carpets. Your runners will need a complete wash at sometime even if you have kept it clean throughout. It can be either after a house party or even after a long vacation. Do you prefer to get a professional help for this or consider doing it yourself?

There are both advantages and drawbacks for both. Approaching experts can be really expensive and the cheaper ones available will surely spoil the new look of the carpet, making it look dull and faded once done. The greatest benefit of getting the cleaning done by an expert is that you finally receive it neat and clean making it look just like new!The greatest benefit of DIY approach is that you save a lot of money but I would personally prefer getting it done by a professional to be on the safer side. This is because; to carry out this process you must have enough knowledge about the chemicals employed and also the correct procedure. Otherwise, it can really be messy and harmful too. Studies have proved some chemicals used in the cleaning process to adversely affect the lungs of the children. At the same time, incomplete or unhygienic washing can result in the formation of molds that can be dangerous for both kids and adults.

by Sharon Freeman for Elite Carpet Care, suppliers of Carpet Cleaning across Melbourne.

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